a positive business perspective for an uncertain future

The science of Positive Organising focuses on what is good and beneficial, rather than what is problematic.

When we focus exclusively on what is wrong, we adopt a “repair” shop mentality - spending our time and energy fixing problems retrospectively.

Time and energy that could be spent harnessing talent and capabilities to learn from today’s experiences and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities.

It’s this logic that drives everything before nine does. And it works.

Positive Working has given our clients the agility to adapt, innovate and blossom in adversity – most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s not to say that we ignore the negatives. In work – as in life – these are sides of the same coin. Recognising this duality equips you to harness both for ongoing optimal performance.

Our values are rooted in five key principles:

We treat you as the human beings you are, not by your job title.

Whether we're working with front-line staff or in the Board room, we ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to develop, based on their specific needs.

We believe in your potential for growth and change. We are bold and daring in our vision for what you can achieve when times feel tough.

We use our personal journeys, life experiences and professional expertise to walk in your shoes.

We are realistic about the realities of life and being human. We embrace both the positive and the negative as a learning journey.

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To improve yourself and achieve anything in life or in work, you truly have to learn who you are first. I can now apply the techniques I have learnt to help me overcome my barriers.

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