your journey to positive working

If you’re looking to move away from vanilla development techniques, talk to us.

We build honest, transparent partnerships with organisations seeking a new approach to positive organisational change.

When you join with us, we’ll work with you to build and deliver a programme that’s completely tailored to what makes your situation unique.

here's what you can expect...

Step 1: Getting to know you
It’s important that we understand the culture of your organisation. So, we’ll take the time to get to know your people, systems and ways of working. This enables us to create a joined up, systemic approach to address your specific objectives.

Step 2: Planning your roadmap
We work with you to design a tailored programme that will help you not just deliver positive change, but embed positive working as an organisational capability. We do this by aligning our techniques, toolkits and expertise with your people and systems, delivering exactly the services you need to support you along the path ahead.

Step 3: Delivering the programme
We’ll implement the programme collaboratively with you. Our coaching and development techniques are embedded in decades of experience and designed to inspire and energise your people. We are often met with cynicism when we first enter the room! But we quickly establish credibility and rapport, so that your people can explore the issues in an environment that they know is safe, honest and value adding.

Step 4: Reflecting and adapting
We’re realistic about the fact that people are complex creatures, and systems are operating in a state of constant flux. So, we build a constant cycle of reflection and learning into our work, encouraging you to identify what’s working for you and what isn’t, and adapting our approach accordingly.

Step 5: Advisory support
Achieving positive working is not a finite goal, it’s an ongoing adventure. And we’re all operating in a volatile, uncertain environment. So, we aim to build long term partnerships, where we continue to support you with impartial expertise and meaningful input as new challenges and opportunities arise.

what can you achieve? the results before & after

“Creativity, agility and innovation don’t happen accidentally; they require an environment in which people are invited to speak up, make mistakes and fail, and leaders listen up and respond in a positive, compassionate and solution-focused way.”

Dr Aarti Anhal, before nine