why before nine?

On a good day, before nine is a time of clarity, preparation and optimism for the day ahead. 

At before nine, we help you to be well, work well and thrive, no matter what your day, your life or the world throws at you.

We enable you to develop a healthy mindset, emotional intelligence and resilient behaviours so that you can respond to life's challenges, change and failure; whilst taking advantage of opportunities for your growth and success.


Resilience | Performance | Coaching for individuals | before nine

before nine for individuals

We help you build the mindset,  emotional muscles and behaviours that enable you to experience mental wellbeing on a daily basis and resilience when you need it.

We give you the tools and confidence to overcome daily stresses, life- or career-changing events and everything in between.

Supporting you in your efforts to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Hang on, what does
‘resilience’ actually mean?

Getting back up on your feet quickly when life doesn't go the way you expected.

Essentially, bouncebackability.

Using whatever you've learnt along the way to help you grow.

Resilience relies on mental wellbeing.

Whenever you're feeling mentally or emotionally low, even the smallest challenge will feel insurmountable. When you're feeling well, you feel that you can take on the world.

The same goes for organisations.

If your people are struggling - perhaps because of their working environment or the excessive pressures placed on them - this not only impacts their performance.

It also affects how well they will be able to recover when faced with challenges, change or failure in the workplace.  

And, let's face it, the challenges of running a successful organisation in today's changing world aren't getting any easier.

Resilience | Performance | Coaching for individuals | before nine

before nine for teams

We help your team build social connection and trust, support each other's wellbeing and manage the pressures placed on them.

We help them anticipate change, collaborate in good times and bad, adapt and learn from failure. Increasing their chances of success.

Building team resilience enables individual team members to flourish. Improving performance of the team, as a whole.


That’s all well and good, but who can actually benefit from a resilience programme?


  • Staff reporting workplace wellbeing issues
  • Wellbeing Leads and Wellbeing Champions
  • HR Departments
  • Middle Management
  • Executive Teams
  • Teams involved in “make or break” projects
  • Frontline Teams with stressful customer-facing roles
  • Teams experiencing major change
  • Up and coming talent identified as future leaders
  • Crisis Management Teams

The bottom line

We believe that all of your people should be given the opportunity to enjoy mental wellbeing and develop their resilience. 

But we recognise that you often have to prioritise your investments. 

And prioritise who you invest in.

The good news is that there is a clear Return on Investment (RoI) from investment in wellbeing and resilience initiatives.

Resilience | Performance | Coaching for individuals | before nine

before nine for organisations

We provide your staff, managers and executives with the tools they need to enjoy mental wellbeing, personal resilience and agility. 

So that, together, you can navigate the tough times, use change as an enabler and learn from failure.

Identifying opportunities for organisational growth, increasing the chances of your success.