Thrive Together.

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace.

Uncertainty, disruption and failure are part of business life. 

Most organisations focus on mitigating the operational threats to their success.

Yet, they underestimate the level of people risk they are carrying.

An employee currently working on your most critical project, close to "burn out".

A demoralised workforce, required to constantly work overtime because of reduced productivity elsewhere in the organisation.

Critically, an executive team unable to think their way through the complexity and the pace of change.

Even the best processes won't help you recover, adapt and innovate in the face of challenge and failure, if your people can't.

Their ability to execute is dependent on mental wellbeing, personal resilience and an adaptive mindset.

Helping you to succeed today. Enabling you to meet tomorrow's challenges.

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Why does people resilience matter?

Navigating an unpredictable future requires a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

Most organisations don't do change and uncertainty 'well'.

Often, because they fail to recognise that each of us has a different psychological response and emotional reaction when faced with complexity, ambiguity and the 'unknown'.

Some are excited by it, others may find that it makes them feel anxious.

As a starter for ten, a successful approach to change or transition involves meeting your workforce's psychological need to be engaged, reassured and valued.

Of course, adverse consequences for your people will sometimes be inevitable.

The challenge for most organisations today is that the workplace wellbeing which serves as a foundation for personal resilience is at worryingly low levels.

The conditions in which we work are having a direct negative impact on the mental health we all need to be happy, healthy and resilient.

This is a huge quality of life issue for your people.

It's a problem for your organisation, too. 

Today, this lack of wellbeing is undermining your productivity, directly affecting your bottom line.

Tomorrow, it may affect the ability of your staff, managers and leaders to rise to the challenges that change may bring.

But there is good news.

In addition to improving the lives of your people, investment in wellbeing and resilience results in a range of organisational benefits.

These include greater employee satisfaction, improved decision-making and operational performance. 

Crucially for organisations operating under tight budgetary constraints, choosing to prioritise mental wellbeing and the resilience of your people also delivers financial Return on Investment (RoI).

Does your organisation have what it takes to survive and thrive?

Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Do our staff enjoy mental wellbeing
  • Have we provided them with wellbeing strategies, tools and support?
  • Have we helped them to develop their personal resilience so that they can overcome stressful situations, change and failure at home and at work?
  • Do we consider the impact on our people when developing strategic initiatives and operational goals?
  • Are our leaders resilient? To what extent are they role models when performing under pressure?
  • Do we consider the needs of our people when managing transition, change and business transformation?
  • How do we treat our people when we experience failure in the organisation?
  • Do we learn from our near misses, failures and successes to help us drive continuous improvement through our organisation?

How can we help your organisation?

We provide coaching, training and advisory services proven to help organisations:

  • increase workplace wellbeing 
  • develop the personal resilience of their staff, managers and leaders
  • identify their people risks and implement strategies to mitigate them
  • anticipate - and prepare their response to - disruption, change and failure scenarios
  • put 'people considerations' at the heart of change and transformation programmes
  • develop resilient and emotionally intelligent leaders, capable of guiding staff through times of change and failure
  • develop a “no blame” culture where failure is used as an opportunity to learn and grow



Our solutions help you to embed a culture of workplace wellbeing and resilience to drive organisational performance:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Wellbeing and Resilience Audit
Understand personality types, levels of emotional intelligence, mental wellbeing and personal resilience across specifics parts (or all) of your workforce

People Risk Management
Develop a structured approach to identifying and mitigating your "people risk" within Business as Usual (BAU), strategic initiatives and change programmes

Wellbeing Strategy Development
Develop your approach to embedding wellbeing across your organisational structures and initiatives

Mental Health Awareness and Resilience Outreach programme 
Provide opportunities for your workforce to learn how to manage their mental wellbeing and develop their personal resilience (via campaigns, initiatives)

Wellbeing Champion Training
Enable your Wellbeing Champions to act as “Super-Signposters”, Mental Health First Aiders and support to operational roll-out of wellbeing initiatives

Mental Health Awareness and Personal Resilience Training for Staff
Develop your staff’s mental wellbeing and ability to recover from challenging events, providing them with opportunities for personal growth

Mental Health Awareness and Resilience Training for Managers
Develop your managers' and leaders' mental wellbeing, personal resilience and ability to support the mental wellbeing of their direct reports

1:1 Executive Resilience Coaching
Develop your executives' ability to sustain their mental wellbeing, bounce back from personal and organisational challenges; and, lead the organisation with creativity, compassion and authority during Business as Usual (BAU) and challenging times

1:1 Executive Transition Coaching
Develop your executives' ability to better navigate change and ensure that organisational goals are achieved during a major change event or organisational transition (e.g. mergers & acquisitions, transformation projects, redundancy programmes, crisis situations) 

Resilience Workshops
Develop the ability of your operational and corporate teams to build connection, unity of purpose, trust and a working environment which supports wellbeing and 'people resilience' during Business as Usual (BAU) and challenging times

Resilient Leadership Workshops
Develop your executive team's understanding of how to incorporate 'people' resilience into organisational strategy, drive a culture of wellbeing and resilience; and, demonstrate resilient leadership during times of organisational disruption, change and failure 

Resilience Exercises
Prepare your organisation for the challenges ahead by enabling individuals, teams and executives to collectively plan for - and rehearse - their response to challenging transformation, change and failure scenarios, specific to the organisation

Access to our specialist partners
Strengthen your 'operational resilience' by working with experts on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Cyber Security, Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management